Sunday, December 10, 2006

NEW BOOK OF INTEREST: Left Ahead, The Beginning Times

If you answer any of these three questions affimatively, you should buy the new book: Left Ahead, the Beginning Times by Hale Amity.
1) Do you hate Tim LaHaye's Insane Views on Christianity?
2) Are you looking for a fresh perspective on Christian views and a critique of right-wing, exclusionary, views?
3) Are you curious to know more about what it means to be Left Ahead?

Please visit the books website: to read excerpts of the book and to buy a copy.

The book was self-published by an amazing author, who has spent the last few years perfecting the story. The book is written as a fictional story, but has many metaphors to real life battles regarding what it means to be "christian" and to be a "sinner."

The book Left Behind scared thousands of people into believing that they would be damned....Left Ahead is an answer to the insane interpretations of the bible in that book.

The Author has this to say about his book:
Bill Moyers' watershed interviews with Joseph Campbell in 1988 taught me about the power of myth. I understood, for the first time, why stories matter -- how stories carry a deep meaning for the storytellers who seek to locate themselves and define their purpose within the vastness of Creation.

I offer the following as an alternative to a story that is currently moving within a segment of the American public. The story is an old one -- dating back nearly two millennia -- but recently, in the hands of religious fundamentalists, it has been given a fearful modern twist.

Left Ahead is an invitation to reexamine the mythology that is guiding our culture and influencing our politics. It is a new look at the Apocalypse -- a whimsical story of what might happen if Americans changed their expectations of God.

Hale Amity
August 2006