Sunday, August 27, 2006

Review: "Little Miss Sunshine"

You Must See This Film! I will be disappointed in those people who don't go to the movies and see this film.

I haven't laughed so hard in literally years. I don't remember the last time a movie made me laugh so hard. Save this gem for a day when you need a break from the stress of the every day, the whining of your boss or co-workers, or when you simply just need a good laugh. I think this is a masterpiece and I will probably see it again in the theatres (which for me is unheard of).

Family of four, plus grandpa, plus uncle all drive to California so that the daughter may enter in a beauty pagent (she has already won the New Mexico beauty pagent). In the journey to California the family faces some challenges, both emotional and mechanical (with the volkswagon bus) which highlight some of their family issues, but also bring them closer together.
This is not a cheesy film. This film has been said to have "dark" humor but I really think the humor is not quite so dark at all. This may be a matter of opinion, so let me know when you see it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

A New Role

No one to wipe your nose
when it's running down your lip.
That salty taste of infection
is now your reminder, that she's not there.

You're all grown up now-
and you worry about taking care of her,
now that she can't take care of you.

Wishing, just wishing you could go back.
Back to the days when she brought you soup,
warm and steaming, with crackers and juice.

The hands that tucked you in and wiped your tears
are three thousand miles away
and need some help, getting through the week.

Please let me return, for a moment
to that warm pillow and bowl of soup
before the roles reverse.

I wrote this poem a while ago, but I felt like re-posting it because the same feelings are resurfacing at this time in my life, again and again. There are some dark feelings that I often wish would sink to the bottom of those murky waters of my mind, but instead they re-emerge and resurface like a dead body wanting to be found.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Alpine Climb!

View of Matthes Crest, Yosemite

I have been indoor rock climbing for almost two years now, but before a week ago I had only been outdoors once. The reason for this is that in order to climb outside, you must make a pretty large investment in equipment. Therefore, I am reliant upon the generosity of other climbers that already have this equipment.

On Sunday I climbed Matthes Crest in Yosemite with my boyfriend, his uncle, and a mutual friend. Matthes Crest overlooks Echo Lake to the west, which is a 5-6 mile hike from Tuolumne Meadows. It was my first Alpine climb. We scaled over 1000 feet. Once we were at the top, we were about 10,000 feet above sea level. We started hiking up the mountain at around 7:30am and didn't return to camp until about 6pm that night---with no real rests!

Looking at the image above, we hiked to the right side of the crest, scaled the right side with three pitches, then continued across the mountain (which included some upward climbs, some down climbs, and some horizontal walking/climbing.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Film Review: "Caché"

J'ai vu le film "Caché" ce soir.
C'était magnifique! Si tu le vois, tu dois voir aussi la discussion avec le directeur du film, Michael Haneke. Le directeur explique ses motivations, ses pensées, ses stratégies en fait faire le film et aussi comment il veut que le voyeur approche le film. Surtout, le film te pousse à réfléchir sur les façons qu’on utilise à oublier le passé et survivre dans le présent.

J’espère que tout ça te semble cohérent. Ca fait longtemps depuis que j’écrivais en français.
I truly enjoy films that require the viewer to think, even for several days, after the film has ended. I recently watched "The Swimming Pool" as well as "Natalie." Both films were excellent. "Swimming Pool" really amazed me. It was my interpretation that the young girl depicted throughout the film, is in fact not only dreamed up by the aging author, but represents her alter ego--that carelessness, sexuality, and freedom which she has lost and maybe never had. That film was so masterful that I wish I could re-experience my first time viewing it.

Photo of Michael Haneke: