Wednesday, August 24, 2005

First Week as a 1L

Well, I have officially finished my first full week of classes as a 1L (first year law student). In many respects I feel that today should be momentous-and yet it remains like any other day. However, in order to make it significant in some small way, I wanted to write a posting.

The requirements to feeling like a real 1L have already been satisfied in just the first week, namely feeling like an idiot, being confused, and reading passages over again and again as if I had never read it to begin with. But, I exaggerate a bit. It hasn't gotten bad yet. I just know that these first couple of classes are deceptively easy. I have this feeling that in a couple of weeks, when we are supposed to remember what an intentional tort is, but instead blank out for five minutes, class won't be as easy and welcoming. I will soon find out, as will all of my class mates.

Incase you are curious about the definition of an intentional tort, here goes (before I forget)

Tort: wrongs for which there is compensation, a civil matter brought by plaintiff (versus criminal charges) (examples, suit for battery or assault)

Intent: (a) desire or purpose OR (b) substantial certainty or knowledge


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