Wednesday, May 10, 2006


It has been several weeks now,
of non-stop hours in front
of this very screen,
and perhaps the work has served me well
..has served to distract me
from all the rest.

I can feel it coming back,
the realization that nothing
is in balance, and the weights
seem to be pulling me down,
while the walls collapse
all around me.

I should open the window
and breathe for a moment
perhaps my heart will stop racing.
My coffee is cold; layers of brown
rings formed inside the cup.
Back to the books and distraction.


Renegade Eye said...

You can't do everything yourself. Maybe you need to ask for help?


Olive said...

Hey Ella. You asked on jaebrysonblog weather those were real or exaggerated Republican 'to-do's.' Here's the exact quote (took me awhile to track it down): Tom Delay and Howard Dean appeared on George Stephanopoulos on May 7.

Stephanopoulos: “How are the Republicans going to get back their conservative base for November?”

DeLay: “I had a very prominent conservative in my office just this week and he asked me that very same question. The things that are important to him: gay marriage, stem cell research, judicial activism, abortion. All are in the judiciary committee.”

Olive said...

Better yet... step outside, take a walk down to North Beach, go into Cafe Trieste and ask Paul to fix you a nice cappuccino. Listen to the pony-tailed old men kvetch about Bush. It'll do you good.