Monday, July 04, 2005

Day Trip to Big Sur

Below are some pictures from Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park at Big Sur!! We were unable to camp (due to last minute planning on my part) but we did hike all around Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

We hiked the Waterfall Trail, the Canyon Trail, the McWay Trail, as well as the Ewoldsen trail. You can view a map of the park trails at:

You can also view the following website for park information:

Here are some photos--taken on a very foggy morning. FYI: some of the images are slightly distorted (stretched too wide or compressed).

This is a picture of McWay Falls, perhaps one of the most famous images of Big Sur.
McWay Falls at Big Sur

Here I am, standing in front of McWay Falls.
Me, at Mc Way Falls

There are many bunnies hopping around Big Sur, this one stopped right in front of us as we were hiking, staying long enough to pose for a picture.

This is a view of McWay Creek, along one of the hikes we did.
Redwoods and McWay Creek

This is one of the more spectacular falls (McWay Creek).
Redwoods and Water Falls

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful trip (and woman). My compliments to the photographer. You can control the stretching of the photos with HTML dimension tags. Go here to learn how: and look for dimensions.