Friday, November 18, 2005

Movie Review: "In America"

Tonight I finally watched the movie "In America." As the director writer said "It is about letting pain go."

So much of life seems to be about letting pain go and letting new life in, and this film presents that common thread we all share in a very sweet, funny, and realistically sad story.

A family of four (a couple and two young girls Ariel and Christine) moves to America from Ireland so that the father may follow his dream to become an actor. But the family has recently lost their only son and the pain still lingers within each of them. The family faces new challenges as they try to acclimate in one of Manhattan's not so forgiving neighborhoods. In their apartment complex lives another young man, Matheo, who is afflicted with his own burdens, which are revealed in the movie. The young girls form a bond with Matheo that ends up helping the whole family.

The actors in this film are all excellent. The story is true, and without even knowing that you can feel the story's reality. I recommend "In America" to those seeking a thought provoking film. It deserves your complete attention, so please immerse yourself in it without distractions.


Renegade Eye said...

Ebert raved about that movie.

I've had access to free movie passes. I saw 5 movies lately. I liked "Pride and Prejudice" best. I enjoyed "Shopgirl", "Paradise Now", and "Jarhead". "Prime" was ok, and Zorro fun. I don't own a television.


Renegade Eye said...

I have been having computer problems. My first post wasn't acknowledged. On my computer, it says, "0 comments." This is a test.