Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pet Peeves

I have thought about doing a post about Pet Peeves for quite some time. I usually forget about the idea for months at a time, then return to it when something irks me. Please add your own pet peeves to comments, I love to see the little quirky differences between people in terms of what gets under our skin and what doesn’t! I think pet peeves say a lot about a person because they usually define the amount of patience, care, attention, and expectations one has of others and of oneself.

So here is my little list of Pet Peeves:
(1) TRAIN: When I am trying to exit the train (BART) and someone tries to literally walk through me instead of letting me out first.
(2) DOORS: When people allow the door to slam in my face instead of waiting an extra second to hold it open.
(3) EYE CONTACT: When I am talking to a person for an extended period of time and they are unable to make consistent eye contact with me, but instead look at my shoulder, earrings, or other random area on my body.
(4) SIDEWALKS: I absolutely can’t stand it when two or more people take over the sidewalk and cause me to walk in the street. I hate this!
(5) GROCERIES: I get a little peeved when I am at the grocery store and people block the aisles with their carts while they stare up at the shelves for what seems like hours.
(6) CONCERTS: There is always that guy who is just acting completely inappropriately or singing so loud that I can no longer hear the artist/band’s voice(s). I usually refer to this person as “that guy.”
(7) CELL PHONES: I can’t stand it when people yell on their cell phones at the coffee joint, on the train, on a plane, or anywhere else where I am enclosed and forced to be right next to them.
(8) COURTESY CALLS: Why in God’s name do they call these “courtesy calls.” They are anything but courteous and if they think I am going to talk to them when they have interrupted me mid-bite as I am trying to eat dinner, they are damn crazy.
(9) SHOPPING: I do not like it when I go to this particular store, and I have to almost beg the young woman to ring me up even though she is doing absolutely nothing. I think she actually gets mad when people want to buy something because it means she has to do something.
(10) NO RIGHT ANSWER: I have a couple of friends whom I dearly love but when they have a problem, there is absolutely no solution and no up-side. In my own life I have survived by looking at the possible solution or the positive aspects of a shitty situation. When I try this with these persons, they cut me off before I can get two words out.


Renegade Eye said...

When I'm able to hear a cellphone conversation, why is it always an idiot talking? Why does anyone call the person?

When you're speaking to someone, and they're pretending to listen. You're really talking through the person, not to the person, because they are not listening anyway.

Cigarettes and alcohol.

ella said...

Good ones! Thanks for adding your own.

Do you not drink at all? I hate cigarettes too, but I have a lot of friends who smoke. Luckily in CA you cannot smoke in doors (bars, restaurants etc), so I can finally enjoy myself on the weekends without killing my lungs!!

Renegade Eye said...

I don't drink any alcohol. I'm a coffee snob.