Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More Police Activity at US Airports...

Scott Stapp Gets Married, Arrested

"For Scott Stapp, the honeymoon was over before it even began.
Hours after the former Creed frontman tied the knot with beauty queen Jaclyn Nesheiwat in Miami on Friday, the rocker was rung up for public intoxication in Los Angeles.
Stapp, en route to his Hawaiian honeymoon, was stopped from boarding a plane at Los Angeles International Airport Saturday after airline personnel deemed the rocker "antagonistic" and "boisterous."

A spokesman for the airport police, Lieutenant Tyrone Stallings, said the rocker was arrested on suspicion of being drunk in a public place and taken to the Van Nuys station for processing.
According to TMZ.com, which first reported the incident, Stapp demanded a blood-alcohol test at the station, where he registered a 0.18--twice the legal limit.
Stapp, 32, eventually was freed and ordered to report for arraignment on Mar. 8."

From YAHOO NEWS! http://music.yahoo.com/read/news/29630080

Now considering an allegedly bi-polar man was shot at Miami International Airport this past year, and now the lead singer of Creed is getting arrested for being drunk, on his honeymoon no less, I am wondering what exactly is happening at our airports.

Interestingly Creed is also known as having huge Christian overtones in their lyrics, thought they don't claim to be a 'Christian Band.'

I have to say I'm a little shocked that Airport Security at LA International would waste their time arresting a celebrity for being drunk.

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Renegade Eye said...

Arresting a celeb, makes you a celeb?