Sunday, February 05, 2006

Phone Call

There is always that call
you make just before
stepping out.

The one you made yesterday
but got no answer,
and all day long
you worried.

So today I picked up
and dialed-
and got through;
only to spend two hours
getting un-worried
and finding myself
destroyed at the end.


She told me today
that at night, when she lies in bed
she holds herself in those spots
just under the ribs and above the hips
where he used to lay his hands
and fall asleep.

She told me she misses him.
She misses his warmth at night
when she reaches over
and remembers
it has already been a year.


1 comment:

Renegade Eye said...

That's dark and powerful.

I changed my template again. My last one was too hard to read (gray print vs black background).

I like your template now, much better than that busy one.