Monday, February 13, 2006

What Happened To...

The five minute walk from the train to my door
at the end of the day
seems endless.

After ascending the stairs
my body gives in to the fatigue
and I collapse in the threshold
of my apartment.

After pulling myself up from the floor,
the kitchen beckons my stomach,
and the two co-conspire to
force me to run past the man
waiting for me in the doorway.

After satisfying my hungry belly,
I choose to comfort my weary body
by laying on the couch
and lose my head to the thought of
tomorrow’s tasks.

When I reach the bed
my only wish is to sleep,
sleep as deeply as possible
as quickly as possible.

And there goes another day
of neglecting the one I love
and forgetting that I ever
had any desires...

February 13, 2006

Written after a long day, and a long month with hardly any play after hours.
I miss owning my own thoughts…they are now enslaved by law school.

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